The tallest building has numerous things to watch and enjoy. As a tourist you do not want to miss anything when you visit the building. Visit site through private car and explore the countless amenities available in the huge building. If you are worried about the transportation, hire a driver from The Driver for that with a luxury car.

Light show at Burj Al Khalifa

Light show at Burj Al Khalifa is very well known and the hot topic of all time. Burj Al Khalifa lights up in the honor of different famous people and countries to show respect to them.

Firework at Burj Al Khalifa

On special occasions as of new year’s fireworks at Burj Al Khalifa lights up the whole sky with its mesmerizing beauty, people from all around the world come here to celebrate new year’s and enjoy fireworks at Burj Al Khalifa.

Hotel in Burj Al Khalifa

The only hotel which is operated in Burj Al Khalifa is Armani Hotel Dubai, which has a great reputation of its own and it is a great part of Burj Al Khalifa, occupying 11 floors of the tower.

Apartments at Burj Al Khalifa

There is a lavish lifestyle of those who are living at Burj Al Khalifa with private lounges and swimming pools

Highest swimming pool in the world at Burj Al Khalifa

Burj Al Khalifa holds the record of world’s highest swimming pool at 76th floor to make it even more unique for the tourists.

Architecture and design of Burj Al Khalifa

The design, architecture and structure of Burj Al Khalifa was inspired by a desert plant’s flower to symbolize the origin of Dubai which was once a desert.

Dubai fountain

In front of Burj Al Khalifa there is Dubai fountain which is operated every day in the evening from 6 pm to 12 pm. The Dubai fountain show only lasts for five minutes but it is repeated after every thirty minutes. Dubai is at its finest in the evening with Dubai fountain shows which have the elegance of their own.

Photography at Burj Al Khalifa

If you are a photographer or you love taking pictures of yourself, then Burj Al Khalifa is the place where you can get the most stunning pictures of yourself and Dubai. At day time you can get the finest pictures of the sky or with the beautiful sky where you are in the middle of the clouds.