Exhibitions are a place where many companies gather and they compete with each other to increase their sales. Marketing is the key element of sales of your product. Companies use different marketing strategies to increase sale of their products and exhibition is the best place for marketing of products. more creativity in your exhibition set up more customers will attract towards you.

To get new ideas you can also seek help from exhibition stand designers in Dubai and those who specialize in display stands in Dubai.  Therefore, we have enlisted some creative ideas for exhibition stands which will help you stand out in the exhibition.

Offer free wifi to customers:

Wi-Fi is the basic need in this era. So you can also use wifi as a tool of marketing. You can offer free wifi to public to attract them.

Give refreshment to your customers:

You can give them free refreshment to attract your customers. You can offer them free tea, coffee and some cookies with them. Customized cookies are also good option as now a days people attract towards customized products. so you can offer them as gift.

Make a presentation before the exhibition:

Presentation matters a lot when you  stand in public. your product is unique, your exhibition is outstanding but it is of no use if you have not worked on your presentation then it is of no use. So, you must work on your presentation and teamwork.

Do live streaming on social media:

Social media is the best way for marketing of your exhibition and of your company. So by using social media, you can increase your customers to a greater extent.

Free give away:

You can also offer some giveaways to your customers. Customers always attract towards giveaways.  You can give them some vouchers, some gifts as give aways. These small give aways will add value to your exhibition.

Set up a photobooth:

Now a days, people attract towards photoshoot so you can also make a photo booth it is also a good way to do marketing of your exhibition.

Exhibition stand design templates:

You can use some exhibition stand design templates to make them attractive. Most of the exhibition stand manufacturers have already made templates and you can also go for customization.

Launch a new product:

Launching a new product is also good option to make your exhibition successful. So it is a good way to add value to your exhibition.