You grow up only once and that should be enough excuse to have a huge birthday bash where the cake has all the spotlights on – and you of course. But in order to make sure that you have all the preparations done, just quickly book a birthday cake delivery Dubai but before that, we need to decide which theme cake we should have as cartoons are old school and simple flowery cakes are no longer in the fashion.

If you are a young boy then we bet sport is your favourite pass time which you should definitely include in your cakes. There are a hundred different ways by which you can include element of sport in your usual cakes. You can have a colourful jersey cake, race car shaped cake, a cake with an illustration of sport field such as football court or a cricket pitch with wickets or maybe simple sports instruments such as a bat and a ball, a huge FIFA football or badminton if you are fan of the game. There are several other things just think thoroughly if you would simply like a play station remote controller designed in form of cake.

If you are a girl, the options are endless. We have seen young girls doing professional makeup and that’s why a makeup themed cake with little cake lipsticks, compact and nail polish will be a perfect option. Other than that, you can have any girly theme on your birthday cake and it will turn out to be awesome. Barbie princess cakes are also very popular these days. If you are into some cartoons that you would love to see on cakes then there you go, a Dora or a Bratz on a cake will surely make you happy and turn every girl’s head in the cake’s direction because birthdays are all about the right kind of cakes.

If your birthday is near some festive season then there is an amazing option for you to celebrate these two occasions together by merging a festive season cake and birthdays together. You can have a Christmas cake with a happy birthday written on it which will be a win-win situation for everyone.

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