Recruitment is basically an elaborate process of hiring employees through a certain criteria of short listing and engaging them to benefit both the parties. The main idea of this process is to find suitable candidates for a specific job that requires a specific skill set to be carried out and through recruitment, it becomes easier to determine if the candidate is suitable for the job or not.

There are many different types of recruitment and staffing agencies in Dubai who help different firms and companies in choosing the right candidate for the job. Here are a few types of recruitments that are common:

  • Publishing job vacancies

In this type of recruitment, a company that is in search of a candidate will publish the available vacancies on public forums. These forums are well known and searched by the candidates and as soon as the job appears the competition in the market increases for the position that drives the recruits itself.

  • Database

This is usually one of those types of recruitment where a company or firm is always available and accepting job applications. These applications are saved in a database and when the need of employees occurs, database is pulled out and eligible candidates are called for the interview or the next step of the process.

  • Employee referral

People in the same industry know each other have contact with each other and this is the reason that many times employee referrals are one of the most helpful recruitment options. They can refer eligible candidates to the firm or company and the hiring party can work accordingly. Because the person referring someone is or was already a part of the company, it creates a relationship of trust and this is why they are considered more than the others.

  • Graduate recruits

This is something that everyone is familiar with. Usually the companies and firms are in contact with the universities and colleges as well as other institutes who produce fresh recruits. In a recruiting event, the company and institute can coordinate to look for eligible employees offering internships and different benefiting programs. This is mainly how IT recruitment agencies in Dubai find their candidates. The institute can also refer to the right person through their grades and performance.