Stretch marks are blue or purplish marks on your skin usually on the belly, thighs, and breasts. These marks appear when the middle layer of the skin stretches too quickly, some of the collagen fibers break and this causes the underlying blood vessels to become visible and hence they leave behind the purplish-blue marks. These marks are not painful but they do not visibly look good and people want to get rid of them because these marks do not just fade away but turn silver or white as the blood vessels heal. Stretch marks are common in pregnant women.

There are no treatments to permanently remove them but they can be reduced through some treatments such as Retin – A. Retinoic acid penetrates through the skin and rebuild collagen but it has a lot of side effects such as redness and peeling. It is not suitable for pregnant women. Although, Retinoic acid works brilliantly on new stretch marks so people who have new stretch marks can go for this treatment.

Laser or light therapy is another effective treatment but it is costly. Some of the other treatments include Platelet-rich plasma with ultrasound and plastic surgery. There are many clinics for stretch mark removal in Dubai which provides good facilities in this regard.

People can prevent stretch marks by taking care of their skin. One of the main causes of stretch marks is weight gain so to prevent that, one should exercise daily and look after their diet. Having a healthy body will prevent you from having these ugly looking stretch marks. Moisturize your skin as well. You can use body oil or any lotion to keep your skin moisturized as stretch marks appear on dry skin. Daily exercise, a good diet, and good skincare prevent stretch marks.

OB GYNE in Dubai is renowned term for doctors who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. People who have questions about pregnancy, reproductive health, infertility, or any related issue can go ask them. Some people do not think that consulting an OB-GYN is necessary before pregnancy but it is very important. An OB GYN can help you know more about your own body so you can take decisions related to family planning based on your health.

If you are in Dubai and need any treatment then just search for the best OB GYN in the city and book your appointment.